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Artemis Vision Releases Gen 2c of RaPTr (Rapid Pallet Tracker) System

    Barcode lookup reporting tool

    Updated features include a web-based reporting tool and configurable displays for pallet counts and multi-stacked barcodes.

    Generation 2c is now available for RaPTr (Rapid Pallet Tracker), which offers the most affordable, easily deployable, automated system that shippers can rely on for scanning speed and accuracy. The latest upgrades feature a navigable web-based dashboard and increased reliability and speed through running RaPTr as an operating system service.

    Other enhancements include

    • Pallet Counts and Order Tracking – checkable items to display counts per order
    • Audible Alarm – configurable for Good/Bad alarms
    • Regex Filter – filters barcode reads to avoid extraneous reads
    • Configurable Display Areas – to accommodate stacked, multi-barcode pallets

    In addition, Artemis Vision has released a downloadable software simulator which allows testing of back-end interfacing without the scanner hardware, allowing customers to get comfortable with the technology before unit installation.  Also now available is a stop-to-scan rolling shutter camera option for customers needing the highest resolutions for their labels at the same affordable price as the in-motion unit.

    View more details or contact us for more information.

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