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Artemis Vision Releases Gen 3c of RaPTr System

    Gen 3c is now available for our RaPTr (Rapid Pallet Tracker) automated barcode scanning system. RaPTr is designed for accurate, fast drive-thru pallet scanning in warehouses.

    Thanks to the evolving capabilities of new technologies and to all our customers whose requirements and feedback we've been able to take into consideration the past couple years, we've been able to continuously refine this product to make it better and better.  This technology is essential for warehouse operators today among strained inventories and labor shortages and will be essential in future no matter how vehicles are driven or what machinery loads them.

    In our webinar release, we talk through the latest software enhancements to the system, including better 1D read rates, automatically adjusting varifocal lens, a Modbus TCP interface, improved photo documentation, and support for additional code symbologies.

    Watch the webinar to learn more:

    YouTube video

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