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Artemis Vision President Tom Brennan Awarded ASQ Hromi Medal

    Tom Brennan Hromi award
    Tom Brennan with ASQ Chair Blanton Godfrey and Past ASQ Chair Janet Raddatz

    ASQ (the American Society for Quality) has presented Artemis Vision’s president Tom Brennan with the Hromi Medal for contributions to the science of inspection and advancement of the inspection profession. Tom was recognized at the World Conference on Quality and Improvement in Anaheim, CA in May 2022.

    As founder of Artemis Vision 12 years ago, Tom saw the opportunity for vision systems within the quality control industry and is now at the forefront with his team at optimizing manufacturing and logistics operations.  An A3 Certified Vision Professional – Advanced Level, Tom has leveraged his knowledge through the design and development of vision systems, articles and presentations, and engagement in the field for the benefit of other vision professionals and those looking to make improvements with vision inspection technology. Tom has dedicated countless hours of influence, instruction, and problem-solving to the science of vision inspection.

    “Tom is an accomplished and recognized leader within his field,” says Jim Spichiger, ASQ Fellow. “I have always been impressed with, and in awe of, all that he has accomplished professionally, and with how much he has contributed to the measurement and test profession.”

    The Hromi medal is one among 16 representing the highest distinction for service from ASQ. These medals and awards recognize individuals for superior achievements in the development, promotion, and communication of quality information and technology.

    For more information about ASQ awards and medals, visit the ASQ website.

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