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Artemis Vision at CSCMP EDGE 2022

    artemis vision at edge conference 2022

    The Artemis Vision team was in Nashville for the CSCMP EDGE Supply Chain Conference & Exhibition 2022 where we were able to take advantage of some insightful academic sessions and showcase how our RaPTr system improves visibility at a key transfer point in the supply chain.

    We have been hearing from other supply chain professionals that they don’t believe they can afford to be caught off-guard again by future shocks with having an overreliance on labor-intensive processes and rigid automation systems that are unable to respond to shifting challenges. Shippers want help in improving real-time decision making and improving productivity even in the midst of labor and warehouse space crunches.

    RaPTr unit at EDGE conference 2022We showcased how our RaPTr system for drive-thru barcode scanning is fast, accurate, simple, and flexible. Simpler means more affordable, easier to implement, and faster cycle time – a productive and targeted use of capital.

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