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2023 Year in Review

    A Year In Review

    Better Manufacturing Quality and Expanding RaPTr Habitats

    Throughout 2023 we helped manufacturers improve efficiency and accountability with automated inspection systems throughout the U.S. and in Brazil and France. We deployed additional installations of our pipe inspection system for reduced scrap and improved production time. We developed enhanced features for a customer relying on our specialized scanning stations for even more efficient quality control. And we delivered label validation systems that our clients refer to as the "magic box," which provide efficient and reliable item-level traceability for pharmaceuticals.

    a compilation of customized vision systems
    pipe thread dimensioning radius

    RaPTr icon colorMeanwhile, our RaPTr units for drive-thru barcode scanning have taken flight this year to Poland, Australia, Mexico, Ecuador, Germany, Nigeria, and Costa Rica, and have continued to fortify their U.S. habitats. Michigan continues to grow its lead in RaPTr population but Illinois is quickly catching up.

    Part of the outcome of more widespread use of RaPTr is additional feature enhancements and customization requests that we have worked to incorporate as standard improvements or available add-ons. Full details on our upcoming Gen 4d release, which include an ever more friendly auto-zoom and focus process and additional web reporting features, are coming soon.

    Interested in becoming a RaPTr distributor? Contact us here.

    screenshot of demonstration video on how to prevent duplicate scans

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