Windshield Defect Detection System

windshield bullseye detection

Our system catches any effects of improper windshield lamination before they leave the factory floor, helping you meet high industry standards and ensure customer safety.

How it Works

The Windshield Defect Inspection System is intended to be implemented after the lamination process, where manufacturers run into some of the most difficult defect challenges. The bonding process during lamination leaves plenty of opportunities for foreign objects to enter the product, which can lead to improper lamination. Varying sizes of particles and bubble defects may now be present on the windshield glass but are not always noticeable to operators during a manual inspection. Our system can inspect dual-pane laminated glass with defects including bubbles, particles, bullseyes, imperfect surfaces, inclusions (stones, knots), and surface spots.

One of the most affordable on the market, our turnkey system includes industrial vision cameras, an intuitive operator station, an industrial PC, control panel, and a stack light that alerts the user. In addition, Artemis Vision’s proprietary software is tailored to accommodate tight tolerances and provide the manufacturer with confidence that they are investing in a consistently reliable system.

A Challenge Resolved

Automotive OEMs are required to meet a high set of industry standards and deliver the highest quality and safest products to their customers. Defects that go unnoticed may jeopardize the safety and satisfaction of their customers and lead to enormous amounts of waste, costly recalls, and chargebacks from automakers. The Windshield Defect Inspection System prevents quality escape and increases production efficiency, replacing the simple projection techniques and other manual inspections that led to unnoticed defects.


CapabilitiesInspects dual-pane laminated glass for defects including bubbles, particles, bullseyes, inclusions (stones, knots), and surface spots
Cycle TimeApproximately 1.2 seconds
Resolution2 mm (higher resolution models available)
ApplicationsWindshields, windows

Use with our optional visionWrangler software for complete process visibility and visual record-keeping.