Weld Inspection System

pin weld inspection system

This efficient system with a small footprint automatically inspects welds to identify welding errors.

How It Works

Cameras and a light-based system inspects the weld puddle from all sides on parts held in place by an actuator. Deep learning algorithms enable the system to recognize images of acceptable or failed welds. A low-profile red/green light instantaneously alerts for pass and fail and a light near the moving block alerts the operator if the part is inserted correctly.

A Challenge Resolved

A global medical technology company’s surgical equipment contains pins laser-welded in place during production. Personnel manually inspected the assembled devices, and occasionally the inspection was inconsistent. The company risked consumer health and safety and major liability issues in the event of any partial or missing welds. For greater quality assurance they turned to Artemis Vision for a system that repeatably safeguards against distributing any equipment with welding errors. The system is capable of inspecting varying lengths and different materials found in different versions of the devices. Every device is now inspected reliably every time, eliminating the worry of any missing welds, and improving patient outcomes and company reputation.



weld inspection pass fail