Rewind Table Label Verification System

label inspection system with rewind table

Replace manual inspection with an automated system that detects smudges, misprints, and unwanted marks on every label, as well as verifying correct barcodes on labels.

How it Works

This vision inspection system uses deep learning, pattern matching, and optical character recognition (OCR) algorithms to recognize defects, inconsistencies, and incorrect lot and expiration information. It scans and processes labels at a rate of one label per second. Alarms warn the operator of failed labels, which can be removed and recorded before continuing to inspect the remainder of the label roll. The HMI displays inspection data during the process, including the number of labels processed, number of failed labels, and the number that passed visual inspection. The system includes a configurable recipe editor, allowing customers to input different inspections for different label types.

Designed to work with a rewind table, this system enables you to seamlessly achieve 100% inspection while improving production speed and freeing up valuable personnel hours. Adhere to industry regulatory requirements, satisfy customer expectations, and improve your operational efficiency.

A Challenge Resolved

A major medical company performed manual inspections on labels for pharmaceuticals and medical serums at a rate of about 13 labels per minute, individually checking six different fields on each label. With serious implications for incorrectly labeling items for patients and falling short of pharma regulations, as well as an interest in saving upwards of $50k a year in increased efficiency, they turned to Artemis Vision to develop an automated label verification system.

failed barcode on label - vision inspection

A failed label due to bar code

The system processes labels for improved quality and compliance. And it improved inspection speed over 5 times, from 13 to 60 labels per minute. With 600 dpi resolution and a 12-inch field of view, the system can now detect errors down to ~0.020. Valuable personnel hours have been freed up to use elsewhere, and inspection accuracy is assured and automatic.


System ComponentsPLC, line scan camera, Contact Image Sensor, lighting, encoder, thru beam photoeye, frame grabber, HMI, machine vision software
Power RequirementSingle phase 120VAC, 60Hz
Label Dimensions
Base system designed for 1.9in up to 6x3in. Customizable.
Compressed AirMinimum of 30psi

Click here for more about this system and how it helps a client inspect radioactive medical imaging product labels.

line scan camera on label inspection system

The system uses a line scan camera by Mitsubishi Electric