Printer Quality Inspection System

printer pattern inspection system artemis vision

Eliminate the eyeball checks for print quality inspections with this automated inspection solution that detects printing errors in patterns.

How It Works

Operators use a barcode scanner to ID the relevant printer and then place a test print in the system, which is trained to recognize associated pass/fail criteria. A very simple interface includes a button to initiate the inspection and an orange/green light system that indicates completed tests or operating errors. Review clear inspection results in the network database.

A Challenge Resolved

inkjet pattern inspection systemA multinational printer company has to determine the suitability for sale of both new and used printers on the same inspection line. Human test operators had to scrutinize small lines of print on test patterns for complex criteria based on the type of printer. With Artemis Vision’s Printer Quality Inspection System, test patterns that don’t meet the appropriate criteria can be accurately detected within seconds, eliminating error and saving valuable personnel time.