Automated Dimensioning System

automated dimensioning system flat sheets

An automated dimensioning system for flat materials easily integrates in-line or can be used offline to measure instant length, width, thickness, and squareness.

Get rid of the tape measures, avoid unnecessary scrap, and improve production accuracy with instant, non contact measurement.

dimensioning pass inspection
monitor dimensions failed inspection

How it Works

This vision inspection system combines cameras and lasers for consistently accurate, automatic measurements. Our precise laser calibration and edge detection algorithms provide immediate width, length, thickness, and squareness measurements. The system is proven to work for flat materials from lumber to sheet metal, foam core, and tile. This turn-key, hassle-free system delivers raw inspection data and features configurable alarms and reports. SPC charts display real-time trend analysis, and alarms sound when any SPC rule has been violated, allowing for quick identification and mitigation of manufacturing problems. Store all measurement results in a database for future reference and analysis.

In-Line Dimensioning:

Integrates fully with your existing production line. The dimensioning system combines four compact and accurate laser-measurement sensors and a high resolution camera that scans materials during production. Set and adjust tolerances, save different profiles, and calibrate cameras and lasers as needed.

Offline Dimensioning:

Operator manually loads material to a high-precision moving stage for correct positioning under area scan cameras, lighting, and a 3D laser profiler. Our algorithms analyze the images captured and output key measurements.

A Challenge Resolved

Wind turbines must be built on demand with exacting dimensions for every blade core. A conglomerate needed to meet this demand globally but was experiencing variations in the structural materials. Artemis Vision’s dimensioning system integrated seamlessly inline with production to ensure each part is produced the right time, the first time, while also eliminating downtime for first article inspection. And inspection data is circulated realtime before any parts are shipped.

Our dimensioning system has been deployed for clients both domestically and overseas, including with Spanish language software.

…And Peace of Mind

in-line dimensioning large systemWe offer onsite installation, training, and support for every system we deliver. While the system is turn-key, we work with you to make sure it integrates smoothly with your specific production.

Available with our visionWrangler software for end-to-end process visibility and visual record-keeping…for stand-alone systems or as part of a network.


CapabilitiesAutomatic length, width, thickness, and squareness measurements
Thickness Resolution/ RepeatabilitySingle-digit micron resolution & repeatability
Width, Length, Squareness Resolution/Repeatability50 microns - 2 mm / 20-150 microns repeatability
ApplicationsLumber, Foam, Wood, Siding, Aluminum, Plastic, Drywall, Rubber, Cardboard, Sheet Metal & other boards and building materials
FootprintConfigurable. Ask for more details.