Glass Vial Inspection System

glass vial inspection system

Automatically verify the integrity of molded glass vials with detailed precision.

glass vial defects deep learningHow it Works

This vision defect detection system uses deep learning to confidently detect glass vial defects ranging from chipped finishes to seed bubbles. Designed for smooth transport without causing damage to the vials prior to, during, or after camera inspection, the system uses a starwheel to move the vials through imaging and carousel-based camera stations. The base system inspects at 120 vials per minute. Filter-matched lenses and lighting provide clear edge illumination. All inspection results and questionable images are stored in the system.

A Challenge Resolved

sorting glass vials by defect

The system rejects defective vials and sorts them by defect.

A biopharmaceutical company uses glass vials to package an expensive medication, which must be discarded if any defects are found in the vial. Artemis Vision designed a system to identify vials with chipped, malformed, and line-over finishes, and even issues in the vial body like dope, seed, stone, and heavy mold lines. Built to ANSI and NEC standards, this vision system integrates inline to inspect moving glass vials prior to filling, eliminating the waste that arose from unknowingly filling damaged vials.