Extrusion Profiling System

laser profiling for extruded materialsRun faster production with realtime feedback…ensuring extruded materials are produced consistently around the clock.

How It Works

laser profiling of grooveAs materials are extruded, they pass through this system’s slotted enclosure where a high-accuracy laser takes profiling measurements and monitors materials for consistency. The data is instantly recorded in an easy-to-use interface which alerts users to any deviations in materials.

Use the system with a single laser or multi-laser array, depending on your profiling needs. Or opt for unmatched technology with a multi-sensor 360 degree setup with LMI Technologies lasers.

A Challenge Resolved

Operators often don’t realize issues such an unevenness, warping, and aesthetic flaws are occurring until they have generated a costly amount of scrap. The Extrusion Profiling System creates a more accurate, repeatable, and reliable way to monitor extruded materials by providing automated alerts and lowering costs associated with scrap, rework, and equipment issues.

And Peace of Mind

We provide training and support for every system we deliver.


CapabilitiesDefect detection and analysis of extruded materials. Choose from a single layer setup to a cutting edge multi-sensor system offering unmatched full 360 degree measurement.
Extrusion Profiling SizeConfigurable. Standard and non-standard shapes. Systems have been designed for up to 12ft wide material to look for defects down to .001 inch.
Resolution/Speed0.1μm to 1mm, depending on requirements. Up to 1-2khz laser measuring rate.
ApplicationsHot and cold extrusion: siding, wire, pipe, hose, tile, tubing, aluminum, polymers, ceramics, plastics, etc.

360° Extrusion Profiling