braided hose defect detection

Braided Wire Inspection System

Capture critical dimensions and defects with an automated inspection system for braided wire to reduce scrap and quality issues from manual inspection.

braided wire inspectionHow it Works

  • This automated continuous process monitoring system takes measurements of wire and hose for Lead, Angle, and Outside Diameter.
  • Automatic alarms notify operators when the product runs out of spec.
  • Deep learning technology detects wire crossovers and loops that otherwise might be missed with manual inspection.

A Challenge Resolved

  • Woven or braided metal products require constant monitoring during the braiding process to ensure measurements are correct.
  • High scrap rates result from catching defects too late.
  • Higher labor and quality costs result from frequent and unreliable manual operator checks.
  • Reliably detects hard-to-find defects such as crossovers and wire loops.
  • Deep learning object detection calls out defects found during production to catch out-of-tolerance dimensions and defects realtime, leading to massive scrap reduction.
  • Can achieve resolution of less than 0.001 per pixel/ with 0.002 or better accuracy
  • System includes HMI, industrial PC, ring light, camera, and enclosure

braided hose inspection system

…And Peace of Mind

We provide onsite installation, training, and support for every system we deliver. While the system is turn-key, we work with you to make sure it integrates smoothly with your specific production.

Available with our visionWrangler software for end-to-end process visibility and visual record-keeping…for stand-alone systems or as part of a network.