Barrier Layer Detection System

evoh layer detection

A simple and reliable system takes the headache out of detecting and measuring layers such as EVOH barriers, with accurate, repeatable results.


How It Works

We package a camera and high-intensity light source with a simple-to-use software system for quick, repeatable barrier detection and measurement.
Measure up to seven layers, within an accuracy of less than a micron.

A Challenge Resolved

Ensuring the right amount of EVOH (Ethylene-Vinyl Alcohol) is present in multi-layer packaging and containers is a must for product quality, but traditional microscope inspections are tedious and subject to operator discrepancies. An automated measuring system eliminates inconsistencies and saves time by providing results efficiently and repeatably.


CapabilitiesMeasures up to 7 layers, automatically, in less than a second
Resolution<1 µm. Automated, NIST traceable
ConfigurabilityTurnkey installation
ApplicationsPackaging/containers for food, medical, cosmetics, agricultural, industrial, and automotive industries
FootprintCompact tabletop unit