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An Artemis Vision inspection system for manufacturing quality is a full solution comprised of hardware and software, with full design review, factory and site acceptance testing, and flexible support options. Software typically includes the following features:

Database Design

Artemis Vision systems include customized table design to most efficiently store your data. Design services span all major database platforms and can be integrated into existing enterprise data systems or deployed as a stand-alone system.

database design Artemis Vision

Automated Calibration

With calibration built in to the vision system, verification and adjustment for key components like cameras and lasers can happen as often as needed.

calibration screen

Remote Viewing

Remote viewing application provides access to production history, SPC, recipe editing, and current process information from a remote location.

PLC Connectivity

Integration into existing PLC systems for automated change-over, reject control, or any other process needs.

Recipe Editor

Save and edit customizable tolerances and parameters for different inspection types. Interface directly to the cameras to fine tune measurements using realtime imagery.

vision system recipe editor

Automatic & Manual Configurations

An operator can toggle an Artemis Vision system between automatic mode and manual for more control where needed.

vision system manual configuration

SPC Charting

Artemis Vision systems have built-in SPC controls and reporting for viewing charts and trend analysis both real-time and on-demand.

spc chart and realtime inspection results

Production History

Search and view data from previous inspections with customizable fields tailored to your process.

production history screen

Turn-key Vision Systems

Automated Dimensioning - Sheeted Materials

In-Line Dimensioning System

An automated dimensioning system for flat materials easily integrates in-line for instant length, width, thickness, and squareness measurements.

Get rid of the tape measures, avoid unnecessary scrap, and improve production accuracy with instant, non contact measurement.

This vision inspection system combines cameras and lasers for consistently accurate, automatic measurements. Our precise laser calibration and edge detection algorithms provide immediate width, length, thickness, and squareness measurements with single-digit micron resolution and repeatability. The system is proven to work for materials from lumber to sheet metal, foam core (PET panels), plywood, and tile

The system delivers raw inspection data and features configurable alarms and reports. SPC charts display real-time trend analysis, and alarms sound when any SPC rule has been violated, allowing for quick identification and mitigation of manufacturing problems. Store all measurement results in a database for future reference and analysis.

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A Challenge Resolved

Wind turbines must be built on demand with exacting dimensions for every blade core. A conglomerate needed to meet this demand globally but was experiencing variations in the structural materials. Artemis Vision’s dimensioning system integrated seamlessly inline with production to ensure each part is produced the right time, the first time, while also eliminating downtime for first article inspection. And inspection data is circulated realtime before any parts are shipped.

Our dimensioning system has been deployed for clients both domestically and overseas, including with Spanish language software.

automated dimensioning system boards
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Off-Line Dimensioning System

Operator manually loads material to a high-precision moving stage for correct positioning under area scan cameras, lighting, and a 3D laser profiler. Our algorithms analyze the images captured and output key measurements.

Tubular / Pipe Dimensioning Systems

Our turn-key systems for tubular dimensioning include various pipe inspection systems, rail axle dimensioning, and braided hose inspection.

Thread Profiling Inspection

This system was designed to trace pin-end profiles, allowing operators to verify the conformity of connection profiles to a digitalized overlay. The system measures connection dimensions and provides raw data and analysis.

The inspection process of this system can match that of a CMM or robotic cell but occur in seconds instead of minutes/hours, and at cost that is magnitudes less. Plus, an Artemis Vision solution comes with SPC charting and performance analysis, flexible adaptability to various sizes and tolerances, and comprehensive testing before implementation.

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Pipe Flare Measurement System

Our vision system for pipe flare captures fast and accurate measurements of pipe thickness, deformation, and expansion length, and allows for rapid analysis between lasers and previous and current readings.

A pipe manufacturer that was taking manual measurements needed to consistently produce stronger pipes with a uniform wall thickness at the connection without the risk of weak spots. They wanted more accurate, repeatable measurement results with a digital record of the data. The Artemis Vision system can be integrated into the production process, is less cumbersome than 3D scans, and stores data for every pipe scan.

3D Pipe Thread Inspection

A 3D laser-based inspection system measures very small variations in pipe thread dimensions.

Our 3D pipe thread inspection system measures the tiniest thread height and depth variations using a laser scanner, specialized optics, and mirrors. The system is also capable of measuring the complete circumference of the interior of a threaded coupler or exterior pipe threads.

Detailed data can be rendered, compared against a standard, and stored for later analysis.

Rail Axle Dimensioning System

This system takes unattended, accurate, non-contact measurements of rail axles of varying dimensions in configurable locations along the length of the axle.

Measurements include length, diameters, and radii, and are referenced against two independent calibration targets- one for length (linear reference) and one for diameter (diameter reference). These targets are referenced on each and every axle measurement to provide consistent and repeatable measurements.

Designed to move along a motorized stage, the system is able to move quickly and accurately to take measurements without needing to contact the axle. Without sensitivity to vibration or environmental disruptions, the system is an elegant and less expensive alternative to a CMM.

In addition, the reference targets are continuously corrected for thermal expansion in the measurement environment to match any expansion in the measured rail axles.

rail axle measurement system
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A major rail axle manufacturing company chose to replace hand measurements and outdated machinery with a repeatable and reliable vision inspection system for rail axle measurement designed by Artemis Vision. They were able to achieve tighter process control, less downtime on troubleshooting, and longer tool life through predictive maintenance and strategically timed tooling changes. The system has helped sell axles that meet tighter specs while reducing labor costs. At the kind of production numbers in this industry, about 12-16 hours of scrap pays for the system.

braided hose defect detection

Braided Hose Dimensioning

Capture critical dimensions and defects with an automated inspection system for braided wire to reduce scrap and quality issues missed in manual inspection.

braided wire inspection

  • This automated continuous process monitoring system takes measurements of wire and hose for Lead, Angle, and Outside Diameter.
  • Automatic alarms notify operators when the product runs out of spec.
  • Deep learning technology detects wire crossovers and loops that otherwise might be missed with manual inspection.


  • Woven or braided metal products require constant monitoring during the braiding process to ensure measurements are correct.
  • High scrap rates result from catching defects too late.
  • Higher labor and quality costs result from frequent and unreliable manual operator checks.
  • Reliably detects hard-to-find defects such as crossovers and wire loops.
  • Deep learning object detection calls out defects found during production to catch out-of-tolerance dimensions and defects realtime, leading to massive scrap reduction.
  • Can achieve resolution of less than 0.001in per pixel/ with 0.002in or better accuracy
  • System includes HMI, industrial PC, ring light, camera, and enclosure
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Extrusion Profiling

Run faster production with realtime feedback…ensuring extruded materials are produced consistently around the clock.

laser profiling of groove

As materials are extruded, they pass through this system’s slotted enclosure where a high-accuracy laser takes profiling measurements and monitors materials for consistency. The data is instantly recorded in an easy-to-use interface which alerts users to any deviations in materials.

Use the system with a single laser or multi-laser array, depending on your profiling needs. Or opt for unmatched technology with a multi-sensor 360 degree setup with Gocator lasers.

System resolution is 0.1μm to 1mm depending on requirements, and the laser measuring rate is up to 1-2khz. Can be used for hot and cold extrusion: siding, wire, pipe, hose, tile, tubing, aluminum, polymers, ceramics, plastics, etc.

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Operators often don’t realize issues such an unevenness, warping, and aesthetic flaws are occurring until they have generated a costly amount of scrap. Our 3D profiling system creates a more accurate, repeatable, and reliable way to monitor extruded materials by providing automated alerts and lowering costs associated with scrap, rework, and equipment issues.

steel plate inspection
laser scanning surface defects on steel

Steel Plate Surface Inspection System

Replace costly and time-consuming manual inspections and prevent expensive field repair with an automated vision system that identifies surface defects on steel plates.

Artemis Vision's inspection system for steel plates verifies that surfaces are meeting or exceeding applicable standards (including MILSPEC, ABS, ASTM) across plates as wide as 13 feet and thicknesses ranging from .1875 through 3in. Using a configurable array of highly tunable lasers, accurate to .0039in (0.1mm), the system is designed to operate and withstand the most demanding and harsh environments.

The inspection system scans one or more sides of steel plates to detect surface defects such as pits, corrosion, cracks, flakes, and porosity. This system delivers raw inspection data as well as configurable alarms and reports across varying timeframes and platforms.


Material inspections on steel plates for a shipbuilding company were proving difficult and unreliable as carried out manually. Defects found downstream, sometimes after assembly on the ship, led to immensely expensive rework costs. Our system was designed to integrate with the client’s continuous line and finds defects down to 0.057in size and 0.010in depth, as well as providing the operator with printed reports of the defects.

surface defect detected in line of data

Defect from single line of raw data

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