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Automated Dimensioning System

An automated, turnkey vision system easily integrates in-line to provide instant dimensioning results for sheeted materials and plates.

Rewind Table Label Verification System

Replace manual inspection with an automated system that detects smudges, misprints, and unwanted marks on every label, as well as verifying correct barcodes on labels.

Tote Empty Detection System

Machine vision detects objects or missing objects in containers like tote tubs, automatically preventing incorrect shipments.

Bottle Label Inspection System

Helps you deliver safe and well-marked products to customers without having to manually check every product.

Windshield Defect Detection System

Our system catches any effects of improper windshield lamination before they leave the factory floor, helping you meet high industry standards and ensure customer safety.

Steel Plate Surface Inspection System

Replace costly and time-consuming manual inspections and reduce expensive field repair with an automated vision system that identifies surface defects on steel plates.


A standalone small part vision inspection solution brings intelligent inspection systems within reach for even the smallest companies.

Pipe Inspection Systems

Pipe inspection systems make for stronger, more uniform, high quality pipes for higher customer demand, lower scrap, and reduced labor costs.

Container Cap Verification System

Inspects bottles and containers to ensure caps are sealed correctly and tightly before costly and time-consuming consequences.

Extrusion Profiling System

Cut extrusion scrap and run faster production with realtime feedback, producing materials consistently around the clock.

Glass Vial Inspection System

Automatically verify the integrity of molded glass vials with detailed precision.

Micro-Hole Detection System

Speed up your production and improve quality assurance with a vision system for micro-hole defect detection on flat sheets of any size.

Automated Alignment System

Identifies and corrects misalignment errors that operators and machine grinders tend to miss and ensures accurate angles on the coin die.

Weld Inspection System

This efficient system with a small footprint automatically inspects pin welds to identify missing welds.

Barrier Layer Detection System

A simple and reliable system takes the headache out of detecting and measuring layers such as EVOH barriers, with accurate, repeatable results.

Printer Quality Inspection System

Eliminate the eyeball checks for print quality inspections with this automated inspection solution that detects printing errors in patterns.

Thickness Inspection Kit

Quickly measure thickness of products with an affordable, ready-to-use inspection kit.


Track inspections and confirm and diagnose issues from anywhere for track-and-trace compliance, quality assurance, and process transparency.