visionWrangler visualize inspections

Track inspections and confirm and diagnose issues from anywhere for track-and-trace compliance, quality assurance, and process transparency.

How it Works

visionWrangler combines industrial cameras and optics from industry leaders in tandem with image processing software to provide 100% product inspection, tracking, and reporting for stand-alone production systems, or as part of a global network.

With visionWrangler, you can capture and store every serialized part in a database with a unique identifier, along with production data and images from the inspections. Authorized personnel anywhere around the globe can now search records locally and remotely. The records make it easy to store and share production data with upstream suppliers or downstream distributors and customers. Alerts – which are named, time-stamped, and stored in the database – can be configured for text messages and emails, so that you know of any problems immediately.

A Challenge Resolved

Efficient manufacturing demands high uptime. You can’t let machinery go down or produce bad parts that are caught downstream after significant loss. Margins are slim and parts that don’t meet spec need to be identified immediately.

pipe thread dimensioning radius

  • A major US automaker needs to inspect thousands of frame dimensions every week. After implementing visionWrangler, they now meticulously track component inspections and can link any assembly issues to the inspection images. They can adjust inspections and run retroactive queries to find other impacted parts, and can weigh tolerance changes against the impacts. No longer do personnel have to manually gather and analyze over 100,000 inspection images per week.
  • A Fortune 10 pharma company needs to track shipped drugs, drug labeling, and patient information. With 100% inspection and serialization from visionWrangler, they can now quickly reference any customer complaints to actual images to verify expiration, shipments not received, damaged packages, etc. The traceable process reduces liability and false complaints.
  • A multinational company licenses production of molecular diagnostics to a third party, but needs to minimize risk to their brand by requiring rigorous quality control procedures. By requiring the third party to use visionWrangler, they get efficient production oversight and maintain the trust in their brand.


pharmaceutical tracking with visionWranglerIf you can share data from production lines, you can generate trust that shipments are going to arrive on time, that products are at the quality customers expect, and that you can identify and troubleshoot exactly where and when problems occur.