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RaPTr – Drive-Thru Barcode Scanning

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RaPTr warehouse scanning system

Automate warehouse scanning with a drive-thru barcode scanning system for touchless, rapid pallet tracking and image capture.

Artemis Vision's RaPTr (Rapid Pallet Tracker) barcode scanning system integrates with your shipping operations to scan pallet ID labels automatically, and boosts both speed and accuracy.

Artemis Vision's RaPTr Rapid Pallet Tracker
dock door

Load Trucks Faster

RaPTr enables autonomously scanning barcodes in motion. Forklift drivers don't need to dismount to scan, and barcodes are decoded hands-free in miliseconds.

reduce lost gaylords

Reduce Errors

Immediate visual feedback at dock doors signals whether product is going on the right truck. Real-time record keeping enables track-and-trace for pallets to prevent mis-shipments, increase shipping efficiency, improve OTIF compliance, and create tighter inventory control.

RaPTr Scanner Gen 4
scanning photo documentation

Photo Documentation History

Each scan contains timestamped photo documentation to aid in warehouse location history and to reduce freight damage claims.

RaPtr reporting dashboard portal

Dock Door Metrics

Retrieve automatically recorded metrics such as the rate at which pallets cross through dock doors and number of pallets loaded correctly. Subscribe to emailed alerts and reports from your system for daily analytics.

RaPTr Scanner standalone unit

Keep It Simple

Small system footprint and quick installation. Simple to use with clear operator feedback. Simple, standard cables. Integrates with any major WMS system.

How It Works

RaPTr works as an automated pallet scanning and tracking system for your warehouse. A compact unit with camera(s), server, and included software scan barcode labels passing through warehouse dock doors or other checkpoints. Touchless scanning reads barcodes in motion, making dismounting from or even stopping forklifts unnecessary. The technology is a more efficient, less expensive alternative to RFID pallet tracking systems.

All scans are timestamped with image capture and instantaneously recorded in the system for scanning visibility and verification. Search and retrieve data through an included web-based dashboard and reporting tool.

While ruggedly built for industrial environments, the system's small footprint and its simplicity allow for quick installation. RaPTr optionally integrates with your existing WMS or ERP through interfaces including SAP Gateway API, REST API, Stored Procedure, custom C# plug-in, and basic CSV/XML. 

YouTube video

A Challenge Resolved

Manually scanning with handhelds in the warehouse introduces human error and profit loss because it is slow, labor-intensive, and prone to missed scans and mis-routed pallets. Our barcode scanning system was designed for outbound pallet tracking but can be used in any situation for large area barcode scanning.

In the case of a client who uses returnable crates it has proved indispensable for recovering and billing all while saving personnel time. And for all our customers, warehouse operations have become more efficient. Forklift drivers do not have to manually scan or even stop, and can receive clear and immediate feedback that product and pallets are dispatched to the correct truck. Shipments can leave warehouses faster, with the accuracy and data needed to avoid compliance fees such as OTIF.

  • If shipping 5-10 trucks per day, our system, which uses existing barcode labels, gives one year payback against the cost of RFID tags alone.
  • Save 25 minutes of loading time per truck.
  • Retrieve timestamped scanning data with photographic proof.
  • Improve forklift safety by eliminating need to mount/dismount to scan and reducing distracted driving - drivers can keep both hands operating the vehicle and eyes ahead.
  • Enables better inventory control and visibility to reach and maintain FTZ warehouse requirements.
  • This is the fastest large area scanner on the market (scan area of 1m x 1m or larger).

Need help with freight compliance? Becoming a shipper of choice? Reducing detention charges and damage claims? Meeting GS1 standards? Talk to us about how we can help.

View a case study about how one customer grew productivity without the cost of ongoing operational expenditures.
"The Artemis Vision system provides data and visual evidence of what is happening on our shipping dock. This enables us to know the status of our inventory and to troubleshoot any missing or damaged shipments with our carriers and customers. In the end, we have better control over our assets and more satisfied customers."
Vice President Manufacturing Excellence
Industrial Pump Supplier
"RaPTr has more than paid for itself. I also haven’t had to replace a handheld barcode scanner in six months."
Simon Than
"With the Artemis RaPTr system, we can ensure that correct pallets are loaded to the correct carrier and that all scheduled pallets are loaded. Since installing, we have better on-time performance, less cost from lost shipments and associated delays, and reliable revenue recognition...We have been very satisfied with the support Artemis Vision has provided and the overall stability of the system."
Steve Gaddy
Global Engineered Components Supplier


(full specs available in Downloads)

Camera FOV1.5m wide by 2.75m tall
In-Motion Code Reading19 KPH (12 MPH)
Processes at 24 frames per second
Labels2D Barcodes
1D Barcodes
GS1 Friendly
Working Distanceapprox. .5 -10m (1.6-32.8ft)
ConfigurabilityConfigurable for distance, speed, label type. Filter by symbology, code length, and prefix. Supports single, double, and triple stack pallets. Integrates with any major WMS/ERP system.
ApplicationsShipping and receiving operations, containers, pallet tracking, warehouse dock door scanning, gaylords, returnables


Our barcode scanning system provides for simple customization avenues. View details on configuration and WMS integration options here, as well as downloadable sales sheets, and more. 

Detailed guides on installing, configuring, troubleshooting, and integrating the RaPTr Scanner and Server, for all versions of the system through Gen 4c.

RaPTr Scanner Installation & User Guides

RaPTr Server Installation & User Guides


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