Drive-Thru Barcode Scanning System

RaPTr pallet scanning system

The RaPTr – Rapid Pallet Tracker barcode scanning system integrates seamlessly with your warehouse and boosts both speed and accuracy.

warehouse pallet scanning dashboard

Automate warehouse scanning with a drive-thru barcode scanning system for touchless, fast pallet tracking and image capture. The only barcode scanner built for the dock door.

How It Works

RaPTr works as an automated pallet scanning and tracking system for your warehouse. A compact unit with camera(s), server, and included software scan barcode labels passing through warehouse dock doors or other checkpoints. Touchless scanning reads barcodes in motion, making dismounting from or even stopping forklifts unnecessary. The technology is a more efficient, less expensive alternative to RFID pallet tracking systems. All scans are timestamped with image capture and instantaneously recorded in the system for full scanning visibility and verification. The system supports image capture for entire pallet documentation or even additional areas such as truck interiors.

The small system footprint and its simplicity allows for quick installation and requires no ongoing maintenance costs, no recurring licensing fees, and no software upgrades. The system integrates readily with existing WMS software at no additional cost. And a Modbus TCP interface is available, allowing integration with a variety of other applications.

a) use in USB/Keyboard mode to plug in and work like a handheld:
plug and play barcode scanning

b) integrate with lists and databases:

  • load text and list-based items (from Notepad, Excel)
  • choose direct database integration (SAP, Manhattan, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, IBM Db2, etc.)

All integrations can display a web-based dashboard for instant, visual record-keeping.

Now that it is more key than ever to be able to use contactless scanning technology with accurate pallet scanning systems, you can reduce touchpoints, errors, and the need to travel. Improve your supply chain visibility and quality management with efficient inventory tracking, immediate alert feedback, and the ability to access your data anywhere, in real-time.

A Challenge Resolved

Manual warehouse barcode scanning introduces human error and profit loss because it is slow, labor-intensive, and prone to missed scans and mis-routed pallets. Our barcode scanning system was designed for outbound warehouse scanning and shipment tracking for customers delivering pallets at high volume, but can be used in any situation for large area barcode scanning. In the case of a client who uses returnable crates it has proved indispensable for recovering and billing all while saving personnel time. And for all our customers, warehouse operations have become more efficient. Forklift drivers do not have to manually scan or even stop, and can receive clear and immediate feedback that product and pallets are dispatched to the correct truck. Shipments can leave warehouses faster, with the accuracy and data needed to avoid OTIF compliance fees.

  • If shipping 5-10 trucks per day, our system gives one year payback against the cost of RFID tags alone.
  • Save 25 minutes of loading time per truck.
  • Retrieve timestamped scanning data with photographic proof.
  • This is the fastest large area scanner on the market (scan area of 1m x 1m or larger).


View a case study about how one customer grew productivity without the cost of ongoing operational expenditures.

…And Peace of Mind

RaPTr requires little to no ongoing maintenance and allows for troubleshooting. We also offer training and support plans for every system we deliver.

Specifications (base model)

FOV1.5m wide by 2m tall
In-Motion Code Reading19 KPH (12 MPH)
Processes at 15-20 frames per second
Labels2D Barcodes
1D Barcodes
GS1 Friendly
Working Distanceapprox. .5 -5m (1.6-16ft)
ConfigurabilityConfigurable for distance, speed, label type. Filter by symbology, code length, and prefix. Supports single, double, and triple stack pallets. Integrates with any major WMS/ERP system. Modbus TCP Interface.
ApplicationsShipping and receiving operations, containers, pallet tracking, warehouse dock door scanning, returnables, E-Crates

These specifications are based on our ready-to-deploy base model, but are configurable to your requirements. Various versions of our warehouse scanning systems provide a best fit for your operations to help improve your bottom line. View downloadable material on different configurations and why an automated barcode scanning system is the ideal choice to manage inventory and warehousing operations, and a better option than handheld or RFID pallet tracking.

setup options for warehouse pallet scanning

Handhelds vs RFID Technology vs Vision System with Barcodes – which is right for me?

handhelds vs RFID vs vision system with barcodes

What’s the Cost Justification?

Avoid Fees
  • Accuracy and consistency in inventory scanning helps improve On Time and In Full (OTIF) rate and eliminate compliance penalties.
  • Some chargebacks are 3% the value of the shipped goods.
Avoid Errors
  • Barcode scanners can be as accurate as 1 error in 36 trillion characters, vs. 1 error per 300 for typical human data entry.
  • Scanning by hand is also prone to error.
  • A 1% error rate when scanning 6 billion items means 60 million scanning failures.
Limit Returns
  • If the item is unscannable it might be returned to the supplier, generating a whole new costly process.
Reduce Inventory Tracking Cost
  • Too little inventory means lost sales. Too much inventory means tied up capital, storage and security costs, degraded goods, and waste.
  • Inaccurate pallet tracking can mean wrong product shipped, wrong amount, wrong location.
Greater Speed!
  • No more hand scanning, no more stopping forklifts, no more manually checking lists.
  • Load trucks faster. Ship more product.
  • Barcodes can be read at 19 KPH (12 MPH) and process at 5-100ms.
  • Only way to scan faster is not scanning at all.
  • Don’t get fired. Better yet, bolster your reputation as a reliable supplier.
  • Stop paying for things that aren’t your fault. Prove claims with photos and data.

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