Thermal Imaging

Infrared thermography is the premiere machine-vision diagnostic technology that allows for instant visualization and verification of thermal conditions. With a custom-integrated industrial automation solution from Artemis using FLIR's infrared cameras one can identify thermal problems, quantify them with precision non-contact measurements, and document them automatically in seconds with professional easy-to-create IR reports.

A brief demonstration of some industrial applications of thermal imaging  using the FLIR camera and Artemis Vision software.

Whether you're looking at buildings or electro-mechanical circuits, there's a thermal machine-vision solution for your application. Most equipment that uses or transmits power gets hot before it fails. Systems designed to mitigate dust can become clogged presenting fire hazards. Machining tools can be optimized to make cutting surfaces last longer. Packaging adhesives can be verified on the production line. Electronic components can be optimized for placement based on thermal proximity patterns. Most industrial automation systems are susceptible to thermal failure.

Thermal imaging through steam Thermal imaging through steam

But using thermal cameras to find a problem is sometimes only part of the solution. In fact, just the infrared camera image, without an accurate measurement component, tells a client very little about the conditions outlined in the applications described above. In this set of images steam occludes visibility for a visible-wavelength machine-vision system. Using IR wavelengths a machine-vision system can "see through" the steam providing important data in real-time on a industrial automation application

Thermal imaging through steam Thermal imaging through steam

Artemis offers a complete integrated solution leveraging the best hardware, and  custom software designed to suit the needs of each client. Tailored to those needs, the solution is responsive, efficient and easy to implement and use.

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