Case Studies

A more detailed look at some of our work:

Optimal Warehouse Scanning Accuracy, Consistency, and Speed with RaPTr

You can imagine how one mistake in a shipping process could have ripple effects down the supply chain.. Read More >

RaPTr (Rapid Pallet Tracker) Case Study – How Normerica Grew Productivity While Keeping OpEx Low

High volume manufacturers like premium pet product leader Normerica rely on strong supply chains for their products to swiftly reach retailers around North America. At just one of their warehouses, personnel load 60 trucks per… Read More >

How Artemis Vision Keeps a Close Eye on Product Quality

With competition for customer attention and loyalty at an all time high, the ability to capture and retain business comes down to the most minute details. Read about some case studies of our projects with OnLogic industrial PCs… Read More >

Automated System Inspects Medical Product Labels

For medical imaging, label inspection is an early and crucial part of the process to ensure that an incorrect agent is not administered to a patient… Read More >

Case Study: Die Alignment System for Coin Mint

In the Coin Mint: Alignment of Dies for Stamping (originally published with FLIR) This story explores how Artemis Vision?s Alignment System (Denver, Colorado, USA) ensures coins are stamped accurately through a feedback control system that… Read More >

Case Study: Welding Viewer with GPU

Artemis Vision was contracted by Melt Tools?to design a welding viewer primarily for classroom usage… Read More >

Standalone Vision System Targets Small Parts Inspection

A spotlight on our system that overcomes the challenges of inspecting small parts by eyesight…Read More >