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Optimal Warehouse Scanning Accuracy, Consistency, and Speed with RaPTr

You can imagine how one mistake in a shipping process has ripple effects down the supply chain.

Efficient Warehouse Management: Saving Costs with Rapid Pallet Trackers and Basler ace Cameras

To ensure goods are tracked using barcode labels, fast and robust technology with high acquisition and recognition performance must be in place to reliably record the data.

medical labels inspection system

Automated System Inspects Medical Product Labels

For medical imaging, label inspection is an early and crucial part of the process to ensure that an incorrect agent is not administered to a patient.

dock doors loading scan

RaPTr (Rapid Pallet Tracker) Case Study – How Normerica Grew Productivity While Keeping OpEx Low

High volume manufacturers like premium pet product leader Normerica rely on strong supply chains for their products to swiftly reach retailers around North America. 

How Artemis Vision Keeps a Close Eye on Product Quality

With competition for customer attention and loyalty at an all time high, the ability to capture and retain business comes down to the most minute details. 

Case Study: Die Alignment System for Coin Mint

This vision system identifies and corrects misalignment errors from the coin stamping process.

welding viewer with GPU

Case Study: Welding Viewer with GPU

Artemis Vision was contracted by Melt Tools to design a welding viewer primarily for classroom usage.

small parts inspection system

Standalone Vision System Targets Small Parts Inspection

A spotlight on our system that overcomes the challenges of inspecting small parts by eyesight.

windshield defect detection subpixel

Windshield Defect Detection

Artemis Vision developed an inspection system to catch any effects of improper windshield lamination before leaving the factory floor, helping a customer meet high industry standards and ensure customer safety.

Artemis Vision designed this system to be implemented after the lamination process, where manufacturers run into some of the most difficult defect challenges. The bonding process during lamination leaves plenty of opportunities for foreign objects to enter the product, which can lead to improper lamination. Varying sizes of particles and bubble defects may now be present on the windshield glass but are not always noticeable to operators during a manual inspection. Our system inspected dual-pane laminated glass with defects including bubbles, particles, bullseyes, imperfect surfaces, inclusions (stones, knots), and surface spots.

The system included industrial vision cameras, an intuitive operator station, an industrial PC, control panel, and a stack light that alerts the user. The cycle time was approximately 1.2 seconds and resolution was 2mm. Artemis Vision’s proprietary software was tailored to accommodate tight tolerances and provide the manufacturer with confidence that they are investing in a consistently reliable system.

Automotive OEMs are required to meet a high set of industry standards and deliver the highest quality and safest products to their customers. Defects that go unnoticed may jeopardize the safety and satisfaction of their customers and lead to enormous amounts of waste, costly recalls, and chargebacks from automakers. The Windshield Defect Inspection System prevents quality escape and increases production efficiency, replacing the simple projection techniques and other manual inspections that led to unnoticed defects.

evoh layer detection

Barrier Layer Detection

A simple and reliable system takes the headache out of detecting and measuring layers such as EVOH barriers, with accurate, repeatable results.

evoh layer detectionWe packaged a camera and high-intensity light source with a simple-to-use software system for quick, repeatable barrier detection and measurement.
The customer was able to measure up to seven layers to within an accuracy of less than a micron, and NIST traceable.

Ensuring the right amount of EVOH (Ethylene-Vinyl Alcohol) is present in multi-layer packaging and containers is a must for product quality, but traditional microscope inspections are tedious and subject to operator discrepancies. Our automated measuring system eliminates inconsistencies and saves time by providing results efficiently and repeatably.

printer pattern inspection system artemis vision

Printer Quality Inspection System

This automated inspection solution eliminated the eyeball checks for print quality inspections with a system that detects printing errors in patterns.

Operators use a barcode scanner to ID the relevant printer and then place a test print in the system, which is trained to recognize associated pass/fail criteria. A very simple interface includes a button to initiate the inspection and an orange/green light system that indicates completed tests or operating errors. Review clear inspection results in the network database.

A multinational printer company had to determine the suitability for sale of both new and used printers on the same inspection line. Human test operators had to scrutinize small lines of print on test patterns for complex criteria based on the type of printer. With Artemis Vision’s printer quality inspection system, test patterns that don’t meet the appropriate criteria can be accurately detected within seconds, eliminating error and saving valuable personnel time.

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