Machine Vision Programmer

What We Solve:

We make factories more efficient so they make better products with less scrap, less downtime, more quickly and with less energy.


We build machine vision systems that process images to make a pass / fail decision or take measurements, so machines can run faster, making better parts, more repeatedly, with minimal scrap and waste. We solve problems in industrial settings where the challenges are tractable (each widget is supposed to be the same as the others).

What You’ll Work On:

You’ll work on the algorithms and processing techniques to make these systems work. Prototyping what type of processing is going to reveal pitting, scratches, accurately find a corner or edge, etc. etc. We primarily use C# for GUI and communications to other devices and different vendor packages as well as our own code and sometimes CNNs / deep learning for the vision processing.

The environment is fast-paced, with the majority of your programming going toward prototyping and testing how to process images to achieve desired results. You will not be cranking out lines of code. About 20% of the development is GUI and communications to other devices. On each project you’ll work with a few non-programmer colleagues who will work to spec hardware and design the electrical and mechanical elements of the system as well as coordinate with the customer and install the unit. Compared to a typical software position, there’s much less speculation about what the user wants. You will be running physical parts for test, in front of cameras, lenses and lights and sometimes tweaking code, but sometimes also repositioning a light, adjusting the camera aperture or making adjustments to present the part more repeatably.

Who Should Apply:
  • 3-5 years experience in a similar application
  • Strong communication skills
  • PLCs skills
  • Database skills (Oracle, MS SQL, MariaDB, etc.)
  • C++, C#, or Java skills a plus
  • You enjoy challenges and solving puzzles.
  • You are prepared to work on-site so that you interact directly with both the systems you are building and the colleagues you are building them with.
  • You can present a professional appearance on-site with clients, and professional phone and email communications with clients.
  • You can meet requirements that clients may request for site access, such as criminal background check, citizenship, driving history.

Please send a current resume and salary requirements to