Proven Machine Vision Solutions

We help businesses deliver on quality through tested machine vision solutions for automated quality inspection and logistics optimization.


The simplest way to achieve pallet scanning speed, accuracy, and visibility.

Small system footprint. Quick installation. With powerful, flexible integration.

Load Trucks Faster with RaPTr

Many times faster than hand scanning. Save around 25 minutes per load... 

without sacrificing accuracy, and with the added benefit of image capture.

Reduce Errors

Stop losing pallets, product, containers. Put product on the right trucks. Meet supply chain compliance.


Insights and metrics on inbound and outbound scanning and order fulfillment. 


Images automatically captured with scans and timestamps. Verify damage claims. Prove partner and OTIF compliance.

Keep It Simple

Small system footprint. Quick installation. Immediate, clear operator feedback. Integrates with all major WMS. Simple customization avenues. 

Vision solutions for warehousing and logistics provide real-time visibility needed to actively manage supply chains.

Ensure every unit you make meets the same standards, everywhere, every time.


Track and Trace

Defect Detection

Deep Learning

12 Years in Business

We've been transforming production and supply chains through quality and visibility for over a decade, and work with customers around the world.

We are an Association for Advancing Automation (A3) Certified System Integrator with multiple certified vision professionals on our team. 

Over years of success we've learned to merge flexible software and best-in-class technology with a rigorous testing process. As the company has grown, we've opened a European technical office and honed our flagship RaPTr system, constantly evolving enhancements in response to customer feedback and changing environments and technology.