Upgrading Your Vision System

Why keep spending money on the same vision system that continues to fail? Artemis Vision has been reviving systems for years and has the expertise and experience needed to determine which components need updating. Upgrading your old vision system can have many benefits, including saving money and improving throughput and accuracy of inspections over time.

Signs that your system may be acting up may include slower production speeds, false-pass results or simply that it is just not keeping up with your line. We work closely with our customers to evaluate the current system, determine the drawbacks and suggest the appropriate hardware and software upgrades, at an affordable cost.

Vision systems have significantly evolved and improved over time. With recent advancements in GPU speeds and parallel processing, multi-camera PC-based vision systems are becoming more and more attractive. Faster processors can handle more complex operations at a higher speed and resolution. With more hardware options to choose from, new software capabilities and modern implementation designs, Artemis Vision is here to help customers through this process at an affordable cost.

Upgrading Capabilities:

● Hardware (Cameras, Lighting, Lenses, etc.)

● Software

● Assembly

● Testing new products

● Adding additional systems

We understand that new products are continuously being introduced, and Artemis Vision has the experienced team that will test new product samples, update current software, and implements the new system without disrupting current processes.

Updated systems offer greater flexibility, more robust inspections, and even more power. It is time to replace your aged vision systems, without the daunting tasks involved and the financial burden in doing so. Reach out to Artemis Vision today, and let us help you improve production speeds by taking the bottlenecks out of your inspection processes.

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