The Machine Vision Starter Kit

Many issues that arise in the complex world of automation systems and manufacturing are difficult to diagnose, and even more complex and difficult to solve once you know what the problem is. It can be overwhelming to even know what step to take to begin investigating the problem. Every option can be cost prohibitive.  At Artemis Vision we understand the need to avoid complex details in the initial diagnostic process and are here to help plant managers, engineers, and technicians quickly determine if a machine vision system even makes sense as an avenue to pursue.

The Artemis Vision Machine Vision Starter Kit is a complete plug-and-play set-up that allows you to quickly and easily determine if your issue can be solved by implementing a vision system. The Starter Kit comes with everything you need to get up and running in minutes including cables and software and is available now for only $499. Just call us at (303)-832-1111.

The Artemis Vision Machine Vision Starter Kit 
The Point Grey camera with Tokina zoom lens

The Starter Kit comes complete with a high-quality Point Grey camera, a high-quality Tokina zoom lens, a sturdy flexible clamp mount, beefy USB cable, and a thumbdrive loaded with our easy to use StarterKit software application that allows you to set up and get operational within minutes. All of this comes in a sturdy custom printed waterproof pelican case for rugged environments.

Just plug in the camera, and run the installer, which installs both the StarterKit software application, and the USB driver for the camera. The StarterKit software comes with a set of simple to adjust filters that allow an operator to implement some of the most commonly used tools used in a typical machine vision inspection; Blur, Edge Detection, Threshold, and Greyscale. These filters can be combined and adjusted live, within an adjustable "region of interest".

Simple stackable filters with easy to use controls, and adjustable "region of interest".

Once you determine that the settings are giving you the visible results you need to make your case for a machine vision solution, just click the button to save the entire window to your desktop so you can share the results with team members. It's as simple as that to take the initial steps to see if machine vision can help solve whatever issues are occuring in your process. You also have the option to create a series of frames in specified time increments to create a time-lapse version so you can see the process in action.

The Machine Vision Starter Kit is available now for $499.  No need for a quote, just call us at (303)-832-1111 and we can typically ship same day, overnight if needed.  Stop talking and start solving the problem with vision.  Contact us to start the conversation about how Machine Vision might be part of a solution to make your business run better, smarter and faster.