smartTunnel(EVOH) by Artemis Vision

The Artemis Vision smartTunnel(EVOH)™ is a variant of our smartTunnel()™ product that allows for detection of EVOH layers in plastic containers.

A simple and reliable method for determining levels of EVOH barrier application on a variety of plastics running at production speeds up to 3 feet per second

Advanced Technology

A tightly integrated solution that has been field tested under exacting standards and rugged conditions. The smartTunnel(EVOH)™  system was developed and tested for demanding clients and is backed by years of research and development. We’ve leveraged that experience to bring you a standardized product that has stood up to tough environments and performs like a pro.

Turnkey Solution

Just plug it in and it works! We combine a smart camera, and a specialized high-intensity light source with a simple to use software system that reliably detects EVOH barrier in plastics. Electro-mechanical controls remove reject containers from the line without slowing throughput. All scans are timestamped and written to the system in standard database format. Choose the optional visionWrangler()™ add-on and you’ll get professional reports, alerts and a simple to use web interface to access your data from anywhere in real-time!

...And Peace of Mind

We support what we build and provide on-site installation and training for every system we deliver. We make sure everything works in YOUR environment with YOUR crew.


Field tested, compact, effective

We have designed and built many custom systems over the years for very demanding clients. We’ve been through the process dozens of times and know how to avoid time-consuming situations that sap productivity and profits. That experience has culminated in a sleek elegant design that fits the bill for almost any plastic bottling operation. Here’s how it works: We show up at your facility and work with you to determine the best physical layout, speed and bottle handling requirements. We build out that configuration and test at our facility, and then return on-site to install, configure and train your crew. It’s as simple as that.

Include the optional visionWrangler()™ module for complete end to end process transparency and record-keeping giving you full visibility into your inspection history, every step of the way. Inspected, verified, recorded, and archived. So that you can focus on the bigger picture.

Search, Retrieval, and Custom Alerts

The whole system can be searched locally and remotely by authorized personnel using a standard web browser. Criteria created by Artemis in conjunction with the customer can be used to trigger alerts via e-mail and/or text messaging. Out of spec materials, or equipment can be quickly corrected and adjusted to alleviate downtime. All alerts are timestamped and stored in the database.

smartTunnel by Artemis Vision smartTunnel by Artemis Vision smartTunnel by Artemis Vision

We support what we build and provide on-site installation and training for every system we deliver, ensuring consistent, efficient production enhancement for your workflow.

Contact us to begin the conversation. We're here to help you understand how the smartTunnel(EVOH)™ can help your bottling business be more productive and profitable.