Artemis Vision has developed proprietary turn-key products that can be implemented and used by any size company.

The visionWrangler()™ is our networked vision solution that provides an easy-to-use system with a visual database, configurable alerts, and networked capabilities for connecting multiple vision systems in multiple facilities. It is currently used by Fortune 100 companies across the country.

The visionStation()™, is our plug and play small-parts inspection solution that can be easily integrated with visionWrangler()™. It is a field-tested solution built to exacting standards for use in demanding environments.

The smartTunnel()™, is a multi-camera array built for conveyor environments. It eliminates reliance on the handheld bar code reader in high volume shipping and receiving operations and can easily be integrated with visionWrangler()™.

Our Machine Vision Starter Kit™, provides the end-user with everything they need to determine if a machine vision solution is the best course of action for their issue(s). 

We also offer Khronos™, a freely downloadable time-lapse software tool, that works with any standard webcam.