Thermal Vision System


Thermal Vision System

Artemis Vision’s latest Thermal Vision Solution is a leading diagnostic technology tool that allows for instant visualization and verification of thermal conditions. This industrial automation solution uses infrared cameras to identify thermal problems, quantify them with precision non-contact measurements, and document them immediately. Whether you are looking at buildings or electromechanical circuits, Artemis Vision’s Thermal Vision Solution meets a wide range of applications.

Potential Applications

  • Most equipment that uses or transmits power will get hot before failing.
  • Systems designed to mitigate dust can become clogged presenting fire hazards.
  • Packaging adhesives can be verified on the production-line.
  • Electronic components can be optimized for placement based on thermal proximity patterns.
  • Most industrial automation systems are susceptible to thermal failure.

Why Implement Artemis' Thermal Vision System?

Using thermal cameras to find a problem is sometimes only part of the solution. In fact, just the infrared camera image, without an accurate measurement component, tells a client very little about the conditions outlined in the applications described above. Implementing the Thermal Vision Software provides a range of capabilities, and ultimately a machine vision system that effectively and efficiently provides important data in real-time.

Capabilities and Features

  • Set desired ROIs (Add multiple ROIs, change colors, size, and shape)
  • Set, prioritize, and log alerts (Customize output for alerts)
  • Customize camera feed (Change image viewer size and color)
  • Customize login settings for user access
  • Add multiple thermal cameras and ROIs
  • Log images, alerts, and data for historical analysis
  • And many more features!

Artemis offers a complete integrated solution leveraging effective hardware, and the most robust software solution that is responsive, user-friendly, and easily implemented into current processes.

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