Artemis Vision is a machine-vision solution provider that utilizes industry-leading hardware and software engineering to optimize processes. Our approach leverages our full test lab, in-house fabrication capabilities, and software development team to prototype, design, integrate and deliver proven solutions. This unique combination allows us to deliver on time and at lower cost than our competitors.


Tom Brennan - Senior Engineer

BSE Computer Science, 2008, Princeton University - Princeton, NJ

Tom Brennan is an AIA Advanced Level Certified Vision Professional working in the industrial machine-vision and imaging processing software market for 8 years. He has successfully delivered medical imaging devices, constructed pharmacological verification systems, and designed the machine vision vehicle detection algorithms implemented as part of the DARPA Urban Challenge. 

Mark Price - Project Engineer

BS Computer Engineering, 2009, University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire, WI

Mr. Price has worked in industrial machine vision and image processing with an emphasis on live video processing since graduation. Mark codes in virtually any programming language necessary to successfully solve an engineering problem. He regularly programs multi-core paralleled algorithms, and designs state-of-the-art hardware solutions to optimize live video processing applications. Mark has completed his basic level certification from the Automated Imaging Association.

David Fodel - Marketing Director and Design Engineer

MFA Electronic Media Arts & Design, 2010, University of Denver - Denver, CO

David is an AIA Certified Vision Professional and heads up our test lab. He has developed a variety of human interface devices using computer vision. David's background includes, marketing, technical writing and training experience in the corporate and software industries. He continues to manage production of all brand communications and assist in new product development.

Ayli Seger - Accounting Administrator

Ayli joined Artemis in April of 2016. Prior to her time with the company, she worked at Car2go, B-Cycle and Apple, which eventually led her here. Ayli's background and expertise plays a big role in operations at Artemis and handling everything from ordering to administrative duties and accounting. 

Chris Ramos - Mechanical Engineer

Chris has worked with Artemis for the past 4 years designing and fabricating the mechanical systems necessary to make vision systems function reliably.  After serving in the Army, Chris was a project manager for Siemens VDO, prototyping and integrating fleet managements systems across the US for the public transportation industry.

John Berryman - Sales (Charlotte, NC)

MS Experimental Atomic Physics, 1993, University of Tennessee - Knoxville, TN

Mr. Berryman has 20+ years of experience in physics and engineering education, technical writing and engineering sales, and project management and corporate leadership.  Before coming to Artemis, John was director of sales for a large German camera company. He has designed, constructed, and installed machine vision inspection systems for Fortune 500 companies, and managed commercial imaging product roll outs for small businesses, as well as, international corporations.

Bruce Kendall - Sales (Dallas, TX)

Bruce Kendall has been working in sales & marketing since 1984 and is a machine vision entrepreneur. His experience in sales & marketing, sales training, trade show promotion and new company start ups have proven to be beneficial in machine-vision hardware sales and furthermore, with full machine-vision integration systems.

Justin Schmidt - Sales (Lincoln, NE)

Justin has 7+ years of sales and design experience. His background also involves sales, repair, and support of electronic instrumentation used in the agriculture industry. He has been with Artemis Vision since early 2016.

Larry Becker - Sales (Denver, CO and surrounding states)

BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering
Larry joined Artemis Vision in 2016 and has 40+ years of varied experience in industrial automation. He has focused on design, management, and applications/sales in over 7 integration companies. Larry’s experience started in aerospace component design and now focuses on machine tool design, development, and sales - with 15 years of specialization in robotics and vision applications. In the past systems Larry has been involved with, many have involved vision systems, ranging from simple vision sensors to full-blown PC-based vision measuring systems. He currently owns a 3-year old company, LTB Tech Sales, which has 6 other principles involved in custom gearing, 3D printing, and automated fastening systems.

Alex Evans - Software Engineer

BS Computer Science, 2016, Kennesaw State University - Atlanta, GA
Alex focuses on integrating vision software with clients’ existing systems, human-machine interfaces, web-apps, and databases. He also has a strong background in both native software development and vision systems prior to joining Artemis. Alex led the RoboSub team's software component in college, where he and fellow students built small underwater subs that used vision and other sensors to navigate an underwater course.  

Eric Huff - Software Engineer

BS Computer Science, 2016, Northern Arizona University - Flagstaff, AZ
Eric has a strong background in low-level programming, kernels and OS level development. He has worked on embedded systems throughout his college years and contributes to Artemis’ systems level innovations.

Sharon Titus - Marketing/Technical Writer

BA Journalism, 2012, Mount Royal University - Calgary, AB
Sharon's background in marketing, communications, and events in the technology industry plays a big part in her role at the company. She assists the engineering team with documentation, and helps the sales team with business development efforts. In addition, Sharon handles the company's marketing, communications and brand development to help continuously grow Artemis Vision.

AIA Certified Vision Professionals at Artemis Vision

AIA Certified Advanced Machine Vision Professional - Tom Brennan
AIA Certified Machine Vision Professional - Mark Price
AIA Certified Machine Vision Professional - David Fodel

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